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Claiming a tax rebate is a seamless process with Crypto Tax Solution, where a significant number of UK taxpayers are entitled to a rebate. Renowned for our expertise in tax services, we make the path to your tax refund quick and effortless.

Just a few easy steps are all it takes to launch your tax rebate claim with Crypto Tax Solution. Our approach is designed for your convenience, ensuring the process is straightforward from the outset.

At Crypto Tax Solution, we have established and refined procedures to expedite your tax refund claim, allowing you to recover the full amount you’re entitled to without any complications. We manage all the paperwork on your behalf, ensuring the process is clear-cut and stress-free, giving you the confidence that everything is handled with precision.

What are your fees?

Our service offers a no-cost initial claim submission; no upfront fees or bank details are required from you.

Only upon successfully securing a refund on your behalf will we apply a service fee of 30% of the recovered sum. 

How many years can I claim back?

Eligibility to claim a tax rebate extends to the past four tax years, allowing you to submit claims for any employment held since April 2017.

What documentation do I need to send?

Once you finish the online application, we’ll send you a claim form to sign and return to us. Should we need additional details, we’ll reach out to you. It’s not always necessary to provide your P45’s or P60’s.

For uniform tax claims, proof of laundry expenses is not required. However, for claims on other expenses like tools and equipment, please attach copies of receipts or proof of purchase with your claim form.

Can I claim for previous jobs?

Certainly. You’re eligible to claim for any job you’ve held since April 2018, even if you’re no longer employed in those positions.

How will I get paid?

Reimbursements are processed either through a bank transfer or, if you prefer, a cheque can be issued upon request.

How quickly can I get my tax refund?

The majority of claims are finalized within 4 to 8 weeks. We will promptly submit your claim for approval once you give us the green light. Therefore, the quicker you provide the required information, the sooner you’ll receive your refund.

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